Read All Day: March 1st 2018

Seeing as it’s World Book Day today, I thought what better way to spend the day than at home reading as much as I can, and doing bookish things? I decided to blog my reading experience and do regular updates to let you know how it’s going, and hopefully I can make this a monthly thing! Happy World Book Day!


10:58 am: I woke up this morning at 8:00am, and spent the next hour reading blog posts, watching booktube videos and looking at all the wonderful World Book Day stuff online. I felt so happy seeing so many people of different ages and backgrounds come together and celebrate books; I love seeing what reading/books means to other people.

I made myself some breakfast, (peanut butter on toast, yum), and I made a start on It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizinni. I’ve heard so many amazing things about this book really pulling on people’s heartstrings, and although I am only 40 pages through, I am really looking forward to seeing how mental health is portrayed/dealt with in this book.


12:46pm: I have read 228 pages of It’s Kind of a Funny Story, and am really enjoying it. For me, the mental health representation is so accurate, and I feel really connected with Craig on his journey to recovery. I love how supportive his family are (I hope they stay this way throughout the whole book), and I adore the relationship he has with his younger sister. I love seeing present families in YA books, and to see them having a positive impact on a protagonist suffering from mental health issues is fantastic.

So many of the quotes/paragraphs really speak out to me in this book. I have started tabbing some of the pages, which is something I have never done before, because I want to revisit them and re-read them again in the future.


2:35pm: so I have just spent the last hour and a half getting really excited about the YA book prize shortlist which was announced today. I have been researching each book, reading reviews and writing a blog post about my opinions, which you can find below. I hope you enjoy it!

YA Book Prize: Shortlist

4:19pm: I’ve just finished It’s Kind of a Funny Story and if I am completely honest, I have really mixed emotions about it. I loved reading the first half, learning all about Craig’s life, understanding the struggles he faced with pressures at school and expectations. I also really liked the present parents and sister; they stayed as understanding and amazing throughout the novel. When he was in hospital they stood by him, being as supportive as they could and they made me feel happy for Craig. However, when he was admitted to hospital, for me, the story just became different. There were too many characters introduced (I’m so rubbish at remembering lots of names), and because of this I didn’t really connect with any of them. This for me was a disappointment; understanding 2/3 characters in more depth would have been more effective, rather than trying to throw in lots of new characters. Overall, I gave it 3 stars (which I still use as a positive rating), and would recommend it to people if they want to read more about mental health, specifically depression.

Image result for 3 stars

5:52pm: I’ve just finished a lovely dinner consisting of chicken, rice and veg (oh, and a cheeky ice-cream for pudding), and am now just starting to read Secrets by Jacqueline Wilson. I wanted to pick up a lighter, middle grade read to change the pace of my read all day experience. I love Jacqueline Wilson, she was the author that made me such an avid reader as a child, and I’m excited to read this book by her again (it’s been about 8 years since I first read it).


8:20pm: I’ve just finished Secrets by Jacqueline Wilson and I really enjoyed it; it was definitely a 4 star read and one of my new favourites of hers. It follows two young girls from different backgrounds who become best friends through the struggles they are both facing. What amazed me was the topics this book focused on: abusive parents, teenage pregnancy, neglect, affairs, bullying etc. I did’nt understand the sheer depth of this book when I read it at 13, I definitely can appreciate its importance a lot more now. I was very satisfied with the ending and where the two girls ending up being in their lives, I would highly recommend it to all young people to show what some individuals do go through in their childhood. I also loved the Anne Frank references throughout and the girls’ obsession with her and her diary.

Image result for 4 stars

9:01pm: I have just spent the last half an hour working on my Wreck This Journal. If you’re unfamiliar with what they are, they are journals which include prompts on each page for the reader to complete. The idea is to be as creative and wacky as you wish; there is no right or wrong way to complete one. You can be as destructive and wild as you like, with pages instructing you to poke holes, fling coffee at the paper, collect leaves etc. I think it’s a great way to relax in the evening and be creative, I would definitely recommend it to everyone.


10:29pm: this is my final update of the night, as I’m now off to bed. I have just started a new book and read 79 pages of Moth Girls by Anne Cassidy. It is a mystery/thriller YA book surrounding the disappearance of two young girls five years earlier. I am already hooked, I really am intrigued as to what happens, and I hope the book remains as nail biting throughout!


Pages Read Today: 743

Thank you for joining me on my read all day journey! I really enjoyed doing it, especially blogging it along the way, and it is definitely something I want to do more often! Have a lovely rest of the week!


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