Why I Love Libraries

Reading articles about libraries all over the country having their funds cut really upsets and angers me. I understand that governments always have financial issues and cuts are happening in other sectors too, but I seem to take the library cuts so personally. It sparked me to want to write this discussion post, I know this post alone won’t give libraries the money they deserve, but hey, at least we can all talk to each other about how wonderful they are. I have put together a list of 10 reasons I adore libraries and I would love to hear why you love your local libraries too!


1. The first obvious reason as to why I love libraries is the sheer number of books they contain. I mean, what more could a bookworm wish for? Nothing makes me happier than being in a building filled with the things I love the most, it actually fills me with so much comfort and happiness. 

2. Another reason I love visiting the library is because it’s free. Books are pretty expensive, it’s a fact, and I definitely can’t afford to buy as many books as I would like to. If I am unsure whether I will like a book I tend to take it out of the library (if they have it), to give it what I call a “trial read” it. If I end up really enjoying the book then I am happy to go and buy myself a copy, however if it wasn’t for me then I don’t have to spend money on it.

3. Okay, I just need to get this one out there. THE SMELL. Maybe I’m crazy, and it’s just me (I’m sure it’s not), but the smell of books is so wonderful. When I step foot into my library I always take a deep sniff and feel right at home. The musty smell of old books is one of my favourites (please don’t think I’m crazy).

4. Personally, I find libraries very relaxing. I love nothing more than turning my phone off and exploring the numerous shelves in silence and just having time to myself to reflect on my thoughts in the quiet. It’s a nice place to have a digital detox, escape from the real world for a while and delve into a fictional one instead.

5. I also really like how libraries try to involve other people in the community to come inside and meet others. There are so many reading/writing groups available to people of all ages from all backgrounds to come together and share their passion. I think this a great idea and can bond people who might not have met otherwise.

6. Libraries offer free WI-Fi and the use of a computer. Not everyone has the luxury of owning a computer/laptop, and so being able to go to a library and use the internet is great for the people of the community. Even though I owned a computer when I was younger, I loved nothing more than going to the library to use the books and internet to research my projects for school. I found the change of setting refreshing and a lot of fun.

7. One thing that I have noticed whenever I step foot in my local library is the diversity of the people that use the facilities. There are people of all ages, genders and backgrounds that use their local library and I think that’s fantastic. Libraries are not limiting, they cater for everyone and bring so many different people together.

8. I have found so many new authors and genres through libraries. I think it’s such a wonderful way to give a book a chance that you wouldn’t usually have picked up otherwise. I have found some of my all time favourite books in libraries, having just picked them up casually having heard nothing about them before, and ending up absolutely loving them.

9. I love the librarians in pretty much every library I have been too. They all seem so passionate about books and it’s always so lovely to speak to someone that share the same passion as you do. They are so helpful and friendly and are some of the kindest people I have met. They really are there to encourage you to read and carry on doing what you love, and I think it’s so important to have great librarians.

10. For me, visiting a library is part of my weekly/fortnightly routine. It’s a home from home, a place where I feel safe, happy and comfortable. A place where I can spend hours without feeling judged and unwanted, which is important. I look forward to visiting and get excited about going, I feel as if going there is part of who I am, and if I stopped visiting I wouldn’t be the same person.

These are the main reasons I adore going to the library. I think they are fantastic and I really couldn’t imagine my life without them. I really hope they get the funding they deserve and continue to inspire readers of all ages across the world. If you love libraries too, please let me know your favourite things about them in the comments, it’ll be great to chat! Happy Sunday x


22 thoughts on “Why I Love Libraries

  1. lmgr says:

    The idea that my children may grow up without libraries being a common thing makes me want to cry! I agree with almost all of your points – not the smell one though; my local one smells horrible 😂

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  2. Jasmine's Reading Blog says:

    So happy for this post! I work in a library daily and am working toward my Master’s degree in librarianship. It is SAD to see how underappreciated libraries are because they are so so so much more than just books. They’re gathering spaces, safe havens, and learning centers. Thank you for this!

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  3. Emma's Library says:

    My village was in danger of having the library services taken away from us and it prides me a lot that we were able to save them. We still have crap opening hours and the pick of YA books is very small but at least the library is still available and becoming an even greater hub for our community. I always go in when I get the chance and no matter how I’ve been feeling beforehand, I instantly feel relaxed. It’s a haven!

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  4. Sophie Li says:

    I love the library as well. As an introvert, I am overwhelmed by noise and crowds, so I love that the library is a quiet, but not isolated place.
    I also really really love FREE stuff haha! You are right that books can be expensive. If I were to buy all the books that I read, I would be broke!
    However, the only thing is that I don’t have the time to visit a physical library (and remember to return the books on time!) I love being able to borrow online books and eBooks through the Overdrive app 🙂
    Great post!

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