January & February Bullet Journal

I’ve been so excited to do my bookish bullet journal for months now after seeing so many designs on the internet. I’ve completed my January and February pages so thought I would share them with you. I hope you enjoy looking through my pages, and I would love to know how you set our your bullet journal if you have one.


The first page I did was my 2018 goals. I have a link to my goals in more detail on my blogΒ here.Β I chose to do stars in the corners to make it brighter and look nicer.


I am taking part in the 2018 Goodreads Reading Challenge: Around the World in 52 Books. I listed all the challenges in black pen over the 5 pages, and used a gold pen to write the book which corresponds to that challenge.




For my January spread, I chose to use pink/purple colours and used flowers as the running theme. I tried to keep the pages quite simple, not overdoing them with lots of doodling.

My next double page consists of my page tracker and the start of my January wrap up. I decided to do a page tracker because I was really intrigued to see how much I read on specific days and to see what months I read the most/least. I used a pink felt tip pen to fill in the bars on the page tracker, and used a purple pen to fill in the books in my wrap up page. I kept with the flower theme and added a few at the top of the spread.


The next page is the rest of my wrap up (I read 16 books in January and it still baffles me!) I then decided to do a star rating bar chart so I am able to see at a glance my ratings for each month. I used the same pink felt tip to keep the colour theme, and added a few more flowers at the top of the pages too!


For my February spread, I tried to stick to a similar layout as January. I chose a heart theme, for Valentine’s Day, and picked green as the month’s colour. When comparing February’s page tracker to January’s, its clear to see the vast difference in how much I read!


Sticking to the green and hearts theme, I did my wrap up page the same as I did it for January’s spread. I only read 7 books in February, and therefore it only took up one page. The difference between this month’s spread is that I included my blog posts which I uploaded. I only set up my blog in February and thought it would be a nice way of keeping track of what I am uploading. I used a green biro to write the details, to stick to the green theme.


The final page is my star ratings bar chart. I used the same green felt tip, and I love how easy it is to see what stars I gave books at a glance. Sneak peek, March’s theme is blue triangles…


So that’s my January and February bullet journal. I have had so much fun doing it and find it so useful to keep all bookish things in one book. Please let me know if you’re doing one, I would love to check other peoples bullet journals. My March and April spreads will be up at the end of April. Love, Karis x


16 thoughts on “January & February Bullet Journal

  1. chellesbookramblings says:

    I had one for all my bookish stuff but I was a bit lazy and it kind of fell apart I should get back to it.. It did help me keep better track of everything so it might help with my blogging.. Yours is great by the way, I use to get carried away with drawing in it more than writing what i needed.. I guess that was the problem..

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