Review: Remix by Non Pratt


Book Title: Remix

Author: Non Pratt

Pages: 304

Date Finished: 3rd March 2018

Rating: **

Goodreads: From the author of Trouble comes a new novel about boys, bands and best mates. Kaz is still reeling from being dumped by the love of her life… Ruby is bored of hearing about it. Time to change the record. Three days. Two best mates. One music festival. Zero chance of everything working out.

I really wanted to give this book a chance after I really disliked Non Pratt’s other book Unboxed. I like to give authors another chance if I don’t necessarily like what I have previously read by them, and therefore thought I would give Remix a go.

I was looking forward to picking up Remix because I thought it was going to be based heavily on friendship and music, seeing as it was about two friends who went to a music festival together. However, I was disappointed. The two main characters spent the majority of their time at the festival apart, they were constantly getting split up or spending time with other people they met at the festival. I therefore couldn’t really invest in their friendship because it was rare they were together for a chapter. Secondly, I didn’t feel as if music even played a part in the story at all. I love listening to music and was therefore really looking forward to seeing how it was woven into the novel, however the music element was pretty absent. I have never been to a music festival before and was hoping the setting would be really detailed and make me feel as if I was there. I was disappointed, again. 

One thing that is key for me in a book is the way it’s set out, particularly the chapters. I find that chapters control the pacing of the story and can affect my overall opinions of a book. I love alternating chapters with two different points of views, as long as they don’t merge into one and get confusing. Because the two points of views alternated so fast, sometimes each chapter was only a paragraph, I found myself to be a little perplexed over who was talking. 

Okay, I feel as if I’m just listing all the things that the book lacked for me, but there were elements that I did enjoy. I thought that the book dealt with a lot of issues, particularly relating to relationships. If I had known it was heavily focusing on breakups and heartbreak I would have been less inclined to read it, but I think it did have some important messages, particularly relating to sex. I think this would be a good read for someone that has just come out of a relationship and is feeling hurt, it tries to show how life has its ups and downs but there are people around you that still love you.

I wasn’t overly impressed by this book and only gave it 2 stars. I can appreciate it for what it was, it was a fast read trying to deal with important issues. Although for me it lacked depth, and this is the second Non Pratt book I haven’t enjoyed, I still am hoping to give Trouble a chance!!

Thank you for reading this review. I would love to hear you opinions if you’ve read Remix and also if you’ve read Trouble and if it’s worth picking up. Karis x


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