25 Bookish Facts About Me

Hi everyone! I’ve seen lots of people sharing bookish facts about themselves and have been super excited to do the same! I would love to know if we share any of the same facts, so please comment and let me know if we do.


1. My favourite author of all time is Jacqueline Wilson. She is the author that got me into reading and therefore will forever be my absolute favourite. I have read over 30 of her books and am collecting all of them on my shelves.

2. Matilda is my favourite book to movie adaptation of all time.

3. I collect bookmarks and have done for over a year. I pick up whenever I visit a new place and rotate between them all when I read. You can see my collection here.

4. For the past 4 years I have re-read the Harry Potter series. 

5. I’m a mood reader. I rarely create TBR’s because it puts pressure on myself, instead I just pick up what I feel like when I feel like it.

6. I have never read a book on a kindle or listened to an audiobook. I prefer reading physical copies.

7. I do judge books by their covers, I am a sucker for a pretty cover and do buy books if I love the cover.

8. I have only starting DNFing books this year. I used to always force myself to finish a book even if I wasn’t enjoying it just so I could mark it as read.

9. Every year I create a goodreads goal, and every year I have completed it.

10. I have read under 5 series in my life. I never pick them up, I always pick up stand-alones. I would like to start reading more series in the future.

11. I really dislike models on the cover of books.

12. I go weeks/months without buying books and then go on a huge buying splurge.

13. My favourite book of all time is Candyfloss by Jacqueline Wilson. It means so much to me and has been my favourite since I was a little girl, it has such a sentimental value to me.

14. I think I’m quite a harsh rater. I rarely give books 5 stars unless I think they’re perfect.

15. Readathons are my favourite things ever, I adore participating in them. The booktubeathon last year was incredible.

16. I always finish a chapter in a book before I put it down. I’m unable to put the book down halfway through a chapter.

17. I love middle grade books and think I always will.

18. I love going to the library and have done since I was a little girl. The reasons I love going to my local library are here.

19. My series have to match on my shelf. If they’re a different size/edition I can’t cope.

20. I have written to numerous authors over the years and got some replies which I keep in a big envelope together.

21. I really enjoy going to charity shops to find hidden gems. I’m going to start writing some blog posts showing what I pick up in charity shops.

22. I went to YALC (Young Adult Literature Convention) last year and it was the best day ever. I have already bought my tickets for this year, and I’m going for the whole weekend. I am so excited.

23. I have a little book where I write down every book I read, the rating, the date I finished it and a few sentences describing my feelings about it. I started this book in 2016.

24. I have watched booktube and read blogs for over 3 years, but only started my own blog this year. I really wish I started it sooner.

25. All the reading I have done has inspired me to write. I have numerous WIP’s but none of which are completed. I think I’m going to wait until NaNoWriMo to work on them.

I hope you enjoyed these facts! I would love to know if we share any of the same ones, please comments and let me know. Have a lovely weekend x


20 thoughts on “25 Bookish Facts About Me

  1. awkwardwhale says:

    Love these! Jacqueline Wilson was my favourite all throughout school, I met her once at a book signing and was too shy to actually speak to her! Pictures of the book you write your list of read books in would be a cool post in the future 🙂x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dominds says:

    Ah it was so nice getting to know you. I really want to read some of Jacqueline Wilson’s books, I’ve heard amazing things about them ❤ I always pick up standalones too, but I want to read more series as well.

    Liked by 1 person

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