How Do I Rate My Books?

I’ve seen a lot of talk in the bookish community recently regarding rating books. I, like most people, use the 5 star rating system to depict my feelings towards a book I have just finished. I do not use half ratings, I simply rate them from 1-5. Here is what each star rating means to me:


5 Star Rating: I give a 5 star rating to books I absolutely adored and would recommend to everyone. These are books which I would class as faultless and they majorly impacted me in some way. They are some of my new favourite books of all time.

4 Star Rating: I give a 4 star rating to books I thoroughly enjoyed and thought were very well written. Although they aren’t my new favourite books, they are ones I would read again and would also recommend.

3 Star Rating: I give a 3 star rating to books I thought were average. There are more positive aspects than negatives in my opinion, but the book didn’t leave a lasting impact on me, and wasn’t anything overly special.

2 Star Rating: I give a 2 star rating to books I didn’t enjoy. There are more negative aspects than positives in my opinion, and I either found the book boring or problematic.

1 Star Rating: I give a 1 star rating to books I heavily disliked for one reason or another. For me, these books had nothing in them that I liked at all and I found them to be a waste of time to read. They are usually heavily problematic.

That’s how I rate all of the books I read! How do you rate yours?


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